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"Jews Died During Holocaust Because of Reform Rabbi Stephen Wise"

Es ist interessant, dass "die Rolle des Zionisten Stephen Wise“ während der Zeit des deutschen Nationalsozialismus, wie sie zwischen mir und dem Herausgeber des Internetportals „Steinberg Recherche“, Thomas Immanuel Steinberg, in einem Gedankenaustausch diskutiert worden ist, etwa zeitgleich auch in anderen Ecken der Welt öffentlich Beachtung gefunden und Debatten ausgelöst hat:

Rabbi Ephraim Kestenbaum, Sohn jenes Rabbi David Kestenbaum, der seinerzeit selbst in Rettungsaktionen für europäische Juden involviert war, sprach vor wenigen Tagen in Ramat Beis Shemesch/Palästina während einer Gedenkveranstaltung ebenfalls über die unrühmliche Rolle dieses zionistischen Reform-“Rabbis“:

Ergänzend sei hier auch auf einige Aussagen des in der orthodox-jüdischen Welt hoch angesehenen Rabbi Avigdor Miller zt“l aus seinem Buch „Awake My Glory“ zu Wise und anderen zionistischen Führern hingewiesen:

„The Zionst leaders together with the Reform “rabbis” aided substantially in the destruction of the European Jews.

In July 1938 President Roosevelt convened the Evian Conference to consider the problem of Jewish refugees. At that time a German offer was made to release Jews at $250 per person. The Jewish Agency, headed by Golda Meir, decided to ignore the offer.

At this conference, the delegation from the Jewish Agency made no effort to influence the United States or any of the 32 other participating nations to open their gates to admit German Jews.

When a shipload of Jewish refugees on the Danube river were refused permission to disembark anywhere, Henry Montor the leader of the United Jewish Appeal explained that they could not be allowed to sail the Holy Land because “Palestine cannot be flooded with old people or with undesirables”. (Feb. 1, 1940).

On Nov. 25, 1940 the Haganah commanders ordered the blowing up of the ship Patria in Haifa Harbor as a protest against England’s plan to send refugees to Mauritius instead of to Palestine, and thus 272 Jewish refugees perished.

On Dec. 17, 1942 both houses of the British Parliament declared readiness to afford temporary residence for endangered persons, but on Jan. 27 a spokesman for the Zionists stated that the Jews opposed the motion because Palestine was omitted.

The New York papers (Feb. 16, 1943) publicized Rumania’s offer to the 70,000 Jews of Trans-Dniestria at the price of $50 each. On Feb. 24, Stephen Wise the president of the American Jewish Congress and leader of U.S. Zionists publicly denied the authenticity of the offer and declares that no collection of funds “would seem justified”. The Jewish Agency in England also ridiculed the news of the Romanian offer. But Undersecretary of state A. A. Berlo affirmed privately that the Rumanian government had actually made such an offer to the State Department. Some time later, when all the Jews who could have been rescued had been annihilated, the facts of the offer were confirmed by Bartley Crum, an expert on affairs of the Near East, who declared that the 70,000 Jews could easily have been transported through Turkey by a few days travel in trucks, but the State Department had refrained from publicizing the news of the offer due to Jewish (Zionist) pressure.

On Feb. 18, 1943 Yitzhak Greenbaum, chairman of the Rescue Committee of the Jewish Agency declares at a Zionist Executive Council in Tel-Aviv: “When they asked me: Could you not give me money from the United Jewish Appeal funds for the rescue of Jews in Europe? I said No! And I say again, No! One should resist this wave which pushes the Zionist activities to secondary importance”.

In 1944 the Emergency Committee to Save the Jewish People called upon the United States to establish a War Refugee Board. Stephen Wise came before an especial committee of Congress to object to this proposal.

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