Donnerstag, 3. Juni 2010

Urgent call to bring to justice: The NaZionist Murderers and War Criminals

בעזרת השם יתברך
נטורי קרתא של היהדות החרדית בארץ הקודש - פלשתינא

Authentic world orthodox Jewry decries unequivocally the cold blooded slaughter carried out by the blood thirsty Hitlerist and Nazi-like occupation forces against innocent peace- and freedom-loving civilians, on ships in international waters bearing humanitarian aid for our brethren the Palestinian residents of Gaza. They are being punished for their sole transgression: compassion on our Palestinian brethren who are confined in a closed ghetto in Gaza city; an explicitly illegal act which breaches in a serious and terrible manner basic human rights and international law.

We call hereby upon all world leaders and all enlightened countries, guarantors and advocates of justice and integrity, to use all available means to abolish the Zionist state and to exclude them from international law, and to annul their membership in the United Nations, and we demand that the Zionists "NDF" (Nazi Defense Forces) are brought to judicial court in Hague for war criminals.

We find it imperative to clearly declare and define that the State of "Israel" has no relationship with the Authentic Jewish people, they have no proprietary right to any slice or clod of soil of the Holy Land; they do not represent the Jewish people and they have no right to speak in their name. Their domineering of the Holy Land through the strenght of their murderous tactics is in direct opposition to the Torah law, given to us on Mount Sinai. They profane the Holy Land with their abominations and slaughters, the Holy Torah strictly and explicitly forbids any Jewish rule over the Holy Land.

We express our profound condolences to the families of the murdered innocents, as well as our heartfelt wishes for speedy recoveries to all those wounded by the Nazi-like occupation forces: May Heaven send you complete and swift healing.

We pray to G-d for the quick redemption of the Palestinian nation and her leaders from the hands of the Nazi-like beasts of prey. We hope for the great day when Palestinian rule shall be restored over the entire Holy Land, with its capital in Al Kuds, the Na-Zionists will be driven from the Holy Land by G-d's hand, and we will merit the prophets' promise of the revelation of His kingship over the entire world, and all peoples will serve Him in unity.

Signed in pain and in anger,

Rabbi Meir Hirsch
Neturei Karta, Palestine

Siehe auch diese Erklärung von orthodoxen Juden der Neturei Karta USA/Kanada.

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