Dienstag, 6. Dezember 2011

A letter to the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Denmark

To the Hon. Minister of Foreign Affairs of Denmark, Mr. Villy Soevndal:

Although I am not a Dane I read about your refusal to have contact with the ambassador to Denmark from the State of Israel. I wish to heartily congratulate you. As an Orthodox Jew who opposes heretical and racist Zionism and the regime controling historic Palestine, I look forward to the time that the world will coerce the State of Israel to restore all the rights of all the Palestinians, including the refugees, to their land, rather than to grant the State of Israel an open and blank check to violate and flaunt all international laws and UN resolutions.
The State of Israel has made a mockery of Judaism and descrated its values, no matter how many of my fellow Orthodox Jews and rabbis the Zionists have managed to brainwash into supporting the brutal and inhumane policies of the State of Israel.

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