Mittwoch, 10. April 2013

The Warsaw Uprising


"The Jews didn't have any tanks, they didn't have any soldiers; what do you expect of them? What could they do? If the Jews would have fought back not one would have remained. Who remained of the Warsaw ghetto? Nobody! Who said it was such a smart thing? It's only foolish people, sensationalists, who talk about the uprising in the Warsaw ghetto. It's as silly as could be. If they hadn't made the uprising a lot of Jews would have remained.

Jews remained all over the world. Wherever Hitler went, Jews remained. Of course not enough. But the fact that they fought back meant it was a death sentence. The Chachmei haTorah didn't say fight back. Because after all, the Germans were not that thorough, a lot of Jews escaped. But when they started fighting back then the Germans brought all their tanks and all their flame throwers and they wiped out all the Jews. So going like sheep is not a foolish tactic. When you have no alternative the best thing is not to fight. It's a silly thing that's used by American people. Now I don't wish it on American Jews, but if they were in the same situation they wouldn't have been a bit better.

Our forefathers understood this; they didn't fight against the nations. They sought to placate the nations. And by the way, it was one of the biggest mistakes, before World War Two when they made a boycott against Germany and they enraged the Germans. Had they followed the Council of our Sages at that time, they would have bribed Hitler’s lieutenant. You know, Hitler’s lieutenants were mercenary people, you could buy them. You could send things to them - secretly. They would have pocketed a lot of money, but they would let a lot of Jews out. The story would have been different.

And so, this bravado, this false heroism of fighting back and being killed like a hero, is not the way chosen by Jews. We believe it's better to live not like a hero, than to die like a hero."

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