Mittwoch, 14. August 2013

Antwerpener Zionist spielt sich auf als Vertreter des Judentums

Nach einer Rede anläßlich des internationalen Qudstages in Berlin ist R. Reuven Israel Cabelman antijüdischen Anfeindungen seitens zionistischer Kreise in Antwerpen ausgesetzt. Ein zionistischer "Amtsträger", ein gewisser Pinkas Kornfeld, bewirft Cabelman in einem seiner regelmäßig erscheinenden Pamphlete kübelweise mit Dreck, Falschbehauptungen sowie mit bösartigen und verleumderischen Unterstellungen. Wir sagen von hier aus an die Adresse dieses Agenten eines fremden Staates auf belgischem Boden, daß wir uns von ihm in der antizionistisch orientierten Arbeit innerhalb des Thoratreuen Judentums nicht werden einschüchtern lassen.


  1. Der heilieger Zyetschnever Ruv (Reb Simche Halberstam, Enkelsohn von Divrei Chaim Stz"l) sagte mal, wenn es nur ein Tag durchgeht wo die Zionisten ym"sh auf mir nicht schimpfen und fluchen - muss ich Teschuve tun, dann ist etwas mit mir nicht Ordnung. Es ist ein guter Zeichen wenn solche Reshoim uns hassen, es muss uns stärke geben.

  2. Die beiden offensichtlichsten Zeichen, daß die einen mit Gott sind, die Anderen aber nicht: Die Liste der Rabbiner auf Seiten von Neturai Karta ist absolut beeindruckend, da können die Anderen nicht mithalten.
    Der zweite Indikator: Die sprachliche Komponente. Nur wer einen hohen ethischen Reinheitsgrad hat, ist zu solch imponierenden Texten wie auf der Seite Studienverband Jeschurun fähig.

  3. Gata, you are wrong, man.
    No Rov with NK.
    The list is void :-))))

    Only 2 persons in Antwerp and of course no rabbonim and NO talmid chacham.
    No lernen at all.

    Ruben you are only posting positive feedbacks.
    Feel free, man, it's your blog after all.

    1. The Brisker Rav was once asked how was it possible that such intelligent, virtuous people could do foolish things that are so destructive to Yiddishkeit. He answered by quoting Koheles (10:1): "Flies of death will ruin precious blended oil; a little foolishness outweighs wisdom and honor." Just as oil mixed with fragrant spices may be of the finest quality, if "flies of death" get into it, they ruin it and spoil its fragrance. So it is with wisdom and honor. If even a little foolishness gets mixed in, it befouls the entire person. Those into whom a bit of Zionism has penetrated are the same; this little foolishness perverts their intelligence and brings them to do things that are the opposite of wisdom." (The Brisker Rav, vol. 3 p. 369).

      It seems to be, Mr. Anonym, the Brisker Rov was perfectly right since you're also one of those a bit of Zionism has penetrated and corrupted their minds.

      The Ridvaz quotes Rav Chaim Volozhen as saying that if a person believes even one little piece of Apikorsus, he cannot understand the truth of the Torah in any area at all. Look back into history for instance to Shabbse Tzvi y"sh! He's a Talmid Chacham (like Kornfeld?) but a full koifer as well.

      One more thing: It was always destined to be this way. In Sefer Shoftim it tells how in the days of the Baal worshippers, there were only 300 Jews in all of Klal Yisroel that did not bow to the Baal. And our Seforim tell us that in the days before Moshiach comes, the Yetzer Horah for Apikorsus is going to be greater than the Yetzer Horah for Avodah Zorah in those days.

      So, even you'd be right with our numbers in Antwerp, but you aren't, it would be a great honour for us to be counted together with those 300 Jews in the days of the Baal cult!

      Thanks, for giving me the opportunity to get things clear!

    2. other anonym (2),
      are you sure that anonym 1 is a sionist ?
      I once red a critic of NK by Rav Domb of London who is in my eyes all but a sionist, and he pointed to your own little bit of apikorsus, i.e. to believe that the jewish question (the islamic antisemitism) could be solve with natural means like pleasing the antisemites by joining their gatherings! This disturbs certainly your understanding of the Torah.

    3. I am absolutely sure you misquote Rav Domb zt"l. Phrases like "the Jewish question" or "Islamic antisemitism" aren't the ones he used. BTW: How could Arabic Semites become "Antisemites"? But if you have any reliable source of R. Domb's zt"l so called "critic", please feel free to post it. Regarding your question about "Apikorsus" I would like to recommend to use the definition of our Torah scholars.

      Apikorsus is anything that is contrary to the Torah's opinion, regardless of whether it contradicts one of the 13 Ikarim or not. To be a full fledged Apikores yourself and are for all practical purposes not part of Klal Yisroel, and have the status of a goy regarding all privileges, you have to disagree with one of the 13 Ikarim, regardless of whether you are doing so on purpose or out of ignorance. That is, even if you don’t realize that you are disagreeing with them, you are still a full fledged Apikores, as Rav Chaim Brisker zt"l used to say: Nebach an Apikores is oich an Apikores! This exactly is the category where people like Mr. Kornfeld are in! Even Orthodox people who fulfill all of Torah and Mitzvos can be full-fledged Apikorsim. Said the Chazon Ish, “There are people whose homes are sufficiently kosher that you may eat the meat, the fish, and all of their food, but there’s only one food item you can’t eat: You can’t drink their wine, because their Hashkofos make it yayin nesech”.

      Even great Talmidei Chachamim can be Apikorsim. The Rambam states that even if a person has great wisdom and has great merits due to his Torah knowledge, he is still a full-fledged Apikores if he does not believe in the 13 Ikarim.

      Even though usually we have a rule that we try to be melamed zechus on Jews, where an Apikores is concerned, the contrary is true! We are not melamed zechus at all. On the contrary, someone who refuses to curse the Apikorsim, is halachicaly suspect to be an Apikores himself! In other words: Someone who refuses to curse Mr. Kornfeld and other Zionists as Apikorsim, is suspect to be an Apikores himself!

      Apikorsim are considered worse than idol worshipers, and although they are still obligated in all Mitzvos, they lose all privileges and qualifications that Jews have, and are considered Halachicly like non-Jews regarding all Halachos, such as shechitah, returning lost items, etc. They have no share in Olam Habah (Mishna Sanhedrin 90a) and when they die their relatives do not mourn for them (Rambam Laws of Mourning 1:10). We are actually allowed to indirectly cause their death (Avodah Zarah 26a). Apikorsim are a danger to Klal Yisroel. Disabusing ourselves of their presence protects their victims. They are predators, and that is by their own choice. Nobody asked them to be Apikorsim.


  4. Heeft u "Knack" wel gelezen?

  5. Mr. kebelman

    Im sorry to write what I am going to write now, cause its not nice to do this , but I have no other option , after all you are also doing whatever you want , by using the name of klal yisroel!!

    look herr kebelman ,even if you are 100 percent right, as a newcomer in our community ,you should sit silent on the side , dont talk in my name !!! you are not my representative and not our speaker!! so dont do that ! shut up !
    You joined our Jewish community , welcome , sit in learn ,pray, support your family and be a kosher jew.point.
    I hope you dont get me wrong ,and if you will understand this it will be for your good ,and ours to.

    A Fellow Jew

    1. I feel you're really worried about me. But please take the facts how they are: I did not speak in your name and not in the name of Klal Yisroel.

      First I spoke in the name of our Holy Torah, secondly as a speaker for Neturei Karta and last but not least in my very own name! And I'm looking forward to make clear that Zionists of all colours don't have the right to speak in the name of Klal Yisroel and certainly not in my name as a Jew!

      We're still living in Belgium or Germany in countries with the right of free expression and free speech even if the Zionists want to destroy this rights.


  6. Firstly, you are contradicting yourself by claiming not to speak in the name of Klal Yisroel and trying to clarify that the Zionists are not representing Klal Yisroel. One cannot do one thing without the other.

    Secondly, as a germean native speaker I heard multiple speeches by you and nearly all of them contained phrases "we are representing orthodox-judaism et cetera". Who do you mean by it?

    Everything in your appreance and habitus tries to convey that every orthodox "black-hat"-jew feels the sameway as you do and endorses your protest.

    Thirdly, now your numbers do not seem such important as you have stated above. But in many speeches you also often allude to the myriad numbers of orthodox jews who support your political beliefs. By the way: The rallys in Antwerp and New York are totally different from the Al-Quds-Rally in Berlin.

    1. If you're "a german native speaker" as you said, I would like to prefer to deliver you my reply in German:

      Alles, was ich in meinen öffentlichen Reden bisher sagte, widerspricht in keinster Weise unserer heiligen Thora und vor allem auch nicht den Worten unserer Chachamim oder Gedoilim der vergangenen Generationen. Ganz im Gegenteil, vor allem nicht in Bezug auf den Satmar Rav zt"l, Rav Wasserman hy"d, den Brisker Rav zt"l und viele, viele andere, die sich zur zionistischen Kefire genauso oder ähnlich geäußert haben. Insofern steht mir bzw. uns als Vertreter von Neturei Karta auch das Recht zu, in gewisser Weise im Namen von Klal Yisroel zu sprechen, zumal wir zumindest einen Teil des orthodoxen Judentums repräsentieren. Vor allem aber repräsentieren wir dessen antizionistische Tradition!

      Daß heutzutage durch die Kraft des Soton nicht alle "black-hat-Jews" genauso fühlen wie wir, ist eben NICHT in unserer Verantwortung, sondern in deren. Wir haben die Thora, die Wege der Vorväter zu verteidigen! Dies völlig unabhängig davon, ob dies einer apikorsischen Mehrheitsheitsmeinung entspricht oder nicht, in der es der eine oder andere bequem gemacht hat.

      Weiter oben schrieb ich das folgende und wiederhole dies an dieser Stelle gerne:

      In Sefer Shoftim it tells how in the days of the Baal worshippers, there were only 300 Jews in all of Klal Yisroel that did not bow to the Baal. And our Seforim tell us that in the days before Moshiach comes, the Yetzer Horah for Apikorsus is going to be greater than the Yetzer Horah for Avodah Zorah in those days.

      So, even you'd be right with our numbers in Antwerp or elsewhere, but you aren't, it would be a great honour for us to be counted together with those 300 Jews in the days of the Baal cult!

      Diese 300 hatten das Recht sich "Klal" zu nennen und nicht jene, die dem Baal folgten.

  7. Don't the frum Zionists EVER get tired of recycling their same propaganda against any frum person who speaks out against the Zionists? At least they should come up with something new and interesting. Even their own people must consider them rather boring!

  8. I may be wrong but I do not see any "frum Sionist" here as anonym (21. August 2013 00:52:00) put it.