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Sofortige Freiheit für Yitzchak Bergel aus zionistischer Gefangenschaft!

Die zionistischen Terroristen in Erez Hakoidesh als auch jene in den USA oder Europa werden aggressiver! Nicht alleine gegen die arabischen Völker oder die islamische Republik Iran, sondern auch gegen orthodoxe thoratreue Juden, die mit dem Zionismus keinerlei Verbindung haben. Jüngstes Beispiel ist die willkürliche Verhaftung von R. Yitzchak Bergel shlit"a, der in der Nacht nach Tish'a BeAv von einem zionistischen Shin-Bet-Kommando in seiner Wohnung in Meah Shearim verhaftet wurde und damit von seiner Frau und seinen sechs Kindern brutal getrennt wurde. Angeblicher und willkürlich konstruierter Grund: Spionage für den Iran!

Wir appellieren an die internationale Gemeinschaft, an rechtgläubige Menschen aus allen Religionen und vor allem an orthodoxe Juden in den USA und Europa, dem aggressiv-verlogenen Treiben der Zionisten ein Ende zu setzen und sich für die sofortige Freilassung von Yitzchak Bergel zu engagieren. Seine Familie wartet auf ihn und ist in Angst und Schrecken um ihn! Nachstehend veröffentlichen wir den englischen Text eines Interviews, welches "Walla News report" mit Reb Yitzchak's Frau einige Tage nach seiner Verhaftung führte.

On July 17, 2013 at 03:30, there was a knock at the door of the Bergel family in Meah Shearim. The agents entered the home and they yanked the husband, Yitzchak, 46, out of bed and took him into custody. He is alleged to have attempted to offer his espionage services to spy against Israel for Iran.

Walla met with his wife, Iris, in their home where the couple and their six children live in tight conditions.

Walla Team:

One cannot help but to realize the utter modesty of the small abode, which is home to eight individuals. The largest area is dedicated to a bookshelf which is packed with holy books. One cannot help but noticing the absence of a television, computer and other amenities. The peeling walls did not seem significant to the family members, who appeared content with their surroundings. The heavy air was a combination of the musty odor of the ancient books blended with the aroma of chicken soup which was cooking for Shabbos. The alleyway leading to the modest apartment was filled with this patent odor.

Mrs. Bergel:

We met about 20 years ago, here in Meah Shearim. He was just completing his return to the path and was a student in an area yeshiva. I had just completed my studies as well and was now seeking to find a husband. An aunt told me about the young man, who she felt was a Torah scholar and a good person, one suited to become my husband.

He is truly committed to the truth in all matters and for my husband; the education of our children is of paramount importance. He teaches the children mussar and the importance of leading a Torah way of life. Regarding a livelihood, Yitzchak does everything possible to provide for the family. He has been a shaliach and while he first received a salary, he now works on his own. His main source of income is to escort families and documents to and from court and government agencies.

There was a period of time during recent years that he became quite depressed, and then he suddenly emerged with a new found euphoria. There were new extremes to his personality that I noticed and perhaps these are signs of something. I do not know.

Regarding the arrest:
It was motzei Tisha B’Av. We were awakened to the loud banging on the door accompanied by shouts ‘Yitzchak – we know you are home. Open the door!’ They were not wearing police uniforms. They were dressed in black suits. Seven men entered out home and a number of others arrived a bit later. My husband asked ‘who are you? Show me some identification!’ One of them showed him an ID. ‘This is how you come, without a warrant’ he asked.

I was with the children in one room and they took Yitzchak to the other. They instructed us to close all the windows. There were many large vehicles parked outside. As my 18-year-old daughter looked out the window one of them shouted ‘don’t you dare. Try it and see what I will do to you.’

I heard my husband asking them what they wanted and they simply responded ‘bring the documents. Bring the documents. Where are the photographs?’ One of them saw the ‘A Jew is not a Zionist’ stickers and inquired what this is about. They turned over the entire apartment. They took a cellular telephone, a camera and documents. He was placed in handcuffs and they took him. I did not see him until the courtroom. The entire arrest was a very scary incident.

My eldest son, 16, asked them ‘why are you taking him’. They said ‘you will receive the answer in the morning.’ My children took the incident very hard, especially my nine-year-old son. They are unable to sleep. They fear the men in black are going to return in the middle of the night and take them too. They ask over and over again ‘where is abba’.

When were you informed why he was arrested?
This is how the Zionists act, trying to scare people. A neighbor of mine told me that once, they took her husband too. I think it is because of participation in the protests. It was very important for him to take part to protest desecration of kevarim and serving in the IDF. He viewed this as moral bankruptcy and a chilul Hashem. Only at one of the remand hearings in Petach Tikvah the public defender explained to me that he admitted to a meeting over two years ago and then they began explaining what was going on. I do not know anything about such actions. I am having trouble digesting this and returning to my normal self. They have destroyed me emotionally. I continue doing what I must for our children but I am not the same person. I am destroyed inside for after all he is my husband and the father of our children.

Sometimes I believe they are making a big deal over nothing and that he will soon return home while other times I believe the Zionists took him and I will never see him again.

Why do you think he might have done this?

We were having a very difficult time financially and he certainly did this for money. He told them in the Iranian Embassy that if they need a photo or two he would do it for them if they pay him. I think he was simply telling them a story and in actuality he planned to take the money but he would not have delivered any photos.

I was only permitted to meet with him once in lock up, in the presence of an attorney. I think it was a trap. They were hoping he would tell me something and they would use it…

Mrs. Bergel told Walla that Yitzhak was very serious about the chilul kevarim and anti-IDF protests and made sure to attend them all.

How is the kehilla treating you since the arrest?

In this community we are not shunned over this. Baruch Hashem neighbors inquire into our well-being and if we need anything. They inquire as to the welfare of the children and add ‘Baruch Hashem the oldest daughter is already engaged for if not, this might have impacted a shidduch.’


Defense attorney Yair Nehorai feels the confession extracted from his client was obtained illegally during ISA (Israel Security Agency – Shin Bet) interrogation and is therefore inadmissible.


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