Montag, 28. März 2016

Jews in Lebanon

President of the Lebanese Jewish Community Council, Mr. Isaac Arazi: "We identify as Lebanese and we belong in Lebanon one hundred percent. Our condition is just like that of the rest of Lebanon. We are investing lots of resources into reviving the Jewish community by renovating Magen Abraham, the only synagogue that's left. We even raised money from Lebanese Jews outside the country, but Christians and Muslims also helped us renovate. Even the company that's responsible for development and rehabilitation of Beirut helped us in accordance with the law that the state should help to renovate houses of worship." There has been a lot misinformation circulated about the Lebanese Jewish community in the media, amongst people who are self-proclaimed experts on the internet. We are all entitled to our own opinions but not our own facts. There are more than 2,000 Lebanese Jews in Lebanon, this is according to the President of the Lebanese Jewish Community Council, Mr. Isaac Arazi who actually lives in Lebanon. We kindly ask people to stop making baseless claims and wholesale generalizations about a community they don't know and/or a country they have never visited. The Synagogue was renovated by Lebanese Jews for the Lebanese Jewish community to be a place of worship, no more and no less. The Synagogue isn't publicly opened for security considerations, there is a minimum amount of people in Beirut to hold prayers, the community holds prayers in private places and the Lebanese Jewish Community Council looks after the social, religious, and even economic interests of Jews residing in Beirut and throughout Lebanon.

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